Are Prefab House Prices Worth It?

Prefab house prices, on the whole, are usually much lower than is the cost of custom construction. Even though this is the case, any homeowner has a right to know why they’re paying as much as they are for a home, even if they’re paying less than they might expect. While prefabricated dwellings are usually much more affordable than building to suit, it’s not because these homes are lacking in any regard. In fact, despite the reduced price, homeowners come out ahead in several ways where prefab homes are concerned.

Prefab house prices are much more predictable than custom construction. This is because there is a set price on the quantity of materials needed. There is also an accurate price for the time involved in construction and the materials are kept out of the elements, eliminating waste. These aspects of prefabricated housing all speak to the efficiency of the concept and to how that efficiency can be to the advantage of the homeowner. It also helps illustrate how these homes are environmentally sound, as there is very little waste associated with their construction. The process of constructing these homes is very well-planned and cost-controlled.

Another element that keeps prefab house prices affordable is the fact that there is a predictable time frame for delivery. Oftentimes, custom building jobs run over budget or time limits and, because of that, the homeowner is stuck with another bill that they didn’t expect. There is also the possibility that needed supplies will be backordered, and that can hold up a construction project for a very long time. Where prefab housing is concerned, it is both the efficiency and the fact that the process is a known quantity in terms of price and materials that make it worth every penny.

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