View some of the many happy GREEN-R-PANEL family of customers. Click any of the names below to see photos they sent us!

Barton Minden R1P-28X45 Prefab Cottage With Porch 618
Furey Greenhurst R1P-32X53 Prefab Cottage With Porch 068
Gray Lanark R1P-36X49 Prefab Cottage With Porch 239
Carlton Sointula R1S-24X29 Prefab Cottage 223
Henderson Coal Harbour R1S-24X33 Prefab Housing 359
Maser Red Deer R1S-24X33 Prefab Cabin 104
McPherson Lac Le Jeune R1S-24X33 Prefab Cabin 130
Flemming Petit Cap R1S-28X37 Prefab Housing 258
Gunderson Spring Lake R1S-28X37 Prefab Housing 340
Smith Brighton R1S-28X37 Prefab Housing 284
Czobitko McBride R1S-28X45 Prefab Housing 291
Benton Heffley Creek R1S-28X45 Prefab Housing 259
Donnelly Bulyea R1S-28X45 Prefab Housing 299
Hilderbrand Westbridge R1S-28X45 Prefab Cottage 109
Hogan Gananoque R1S-28X45 Prefab Housing 421
Jacobs Kahnawake R1S-28X45 Prefab Housing 370
Kolisnyk Lac Du Bonnet R1S-28X45 Prefab Cottage 494
Poulin Bashaw R1S-28X45 Prefab Housing 378
Silvia St. Maries R1S-28X45 Prefab Housing 098
Walker Windeild R1S-28X45 Prefab Cottage 389
Warren 100 Mile House R1S-28X45 Prefab Housing 561
Whitlam Lions Head R1S-28×45 Prefab Housing 212
Hampel Ottawa R1S-28×45 Prefab Cottage 685
Biesenthal Weyburn R1S-36×41 Prefab Housing 282
Boisvert Saskatoon R1S-36X41 Prefab Housing 222
Daniel Merritt R1S-36X41 Prefab Cottage 290
Eha Mission R1S-36X41 Prefab Housing 226
Gunter South Rive R1S-36X41 Prefab Cottage 355
Miller Prince George R1S-36X41 Prefab Cottage 444
O’Keefe Powell River R1S-36X41 Prefab Housing 132
Parker Bexley R1S-36X41 Prefab Cottage 251
Shantz McBride R1S-36X41 Prefab Housing With Garage 244/245
Sweetnam Barrierre R1S-36X41 Prefab Cottage 266
Porter Walker Lake R1S-36X49 Prefab Housing 065
Walli Lively R1S-36X49 Prefab Housing 204
Fornal Bruce R1S-36X57 Prefab Housing 275
McClung Warner Custom Prefab Housing With Garage 082
Crickard Cochrane, ON R1S 28×37 Prefab Housing 2009-693
Grieger Magnetawan, ON R1S 28×45 Prefab Housing 2009-676
Penney Port Hope, NL R1S 28×45 Prefab Cottage 2009-610
Manastyrski Glendon, AB R1P 32×53 Prefab Housing 2010-757
Rodenhiser Hebbs Cross, NS CUSTOM 2 STORY Prefab Housing 2010-759