GREEN-R-PANEL SYSTEMS (2008) INC mission is to provide prefab kits (specifically green prefab homes kits) to those who want to save time and money in the building process. We have many years of experience in home construction and have seen significant changes over the years in many aspects of the industry.

What we have done in developing GREEN-R-PANEL is to take the most critical advancements, which many large homebuilding companies in North America and around the world have adopted, and “packaged” these technologies into a “system” to benefit you. The smaller builder can now take advantage of these innovations to realize significant savings on each project! Now, you too can reap the benefits of applying “component construction methods”.

GREEN-R-PANEL is dedicated to satisfying the needs of builders whose objective is to construct the dwelling as quickly as possible with inexpensive relatively unskilled labor, cost-saving materials, with time saving methods. This will allow you to close-in the structure in just a few days, saving thousands of dollars.

Richard Lewin, President of GREEN-R-PANEL has been involved in the residential home building industry for over 30 years. Gathering a wealth of experience, he and his group of supporting managers are responsible for the GREEN-R-PANEL SYSTEMS (2008) INC, they will manage your order, shipment and support to ensure you are satisfied with your experience with us.

About Green Prefab Homes