No-Concrete Foundations

We offer 3 Different Green Foundation Solutions to Save You Time & Money:

All Systems are Complete Basement or Crawl-Space Solutions – Including commercial grade peel & stick waterproofing membrane, building code & engineer approved plans, and full customer service support!

  1. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) for Traditional Poured Concrete Wall – Liteform Flexx-Block™:
    • We are the Canadian distributor for Liteform, the oldest ICF manufacturer in North America
    • Green-R-Panel is proud to feature Liteform Flexx-Block™, the most advanced and easiest to use ICF on the market today
    • 16” x 48” Blocks feature folding hinge, internal bracing, super-strong corners and more
    • R23 Insulation Rating with 8” Concrete Wall
    • Interior Ready for Drywall Screws
  2. Lowest Cost Wall / Easiest Installation – NO-CRETE™ Permaframe Panel Foundation System:
    • 4 foot wide Pressure Treated Wood Panels – Precision Engineered & Manufactured
    • Framed with 2×8 PT Studs at 16” bonded to 5/8” PT Plywood
    • Simple Installation using Basic Carpentry Skills – Can Be Installed In As Little As 1 Day
    • Can be Insulated R37 with 7 ½” Thick Fiberglass Pink
    • Interior Ready for Drywall Screws
  3. Greenest Solution / Fast Installation – NO-CRETE™ Insul-Steel Panel Foundation System
    • 4 foot wide Light-Weight Panels of Structural Steel Encased in 8” Thick Rigid Foam Insulation – Precision Engineered & Manufactured
    • R36 Pre-Insulated
    • Instant Foundation – Can Be Installed In As Little As 1 Day
    • Interior Ready for Drywall Screws