Each GREEN-R-PANEL SYSTEMS (2008) INC. KIT includes BCIN Certified Plans. Some designs may require more than the standard and some may require less, every home is different and we can provide modifications to suit specific needs. We even work with clients on complete custom designs.

Panelized housing floor plans

  • Space layout, 48” grid template
  • Door and window sizes and locations

Foundation Plans

  • Suggested structural member specification and location
  • Typical foundation wall section

Roof Framing Housing Plans

  • Truss specification, spacing and type
  • Manufacture truss design package (with delivery)
  • Overhang
  • Slope

Floor Framing Plan (if applicable)

  • Joist specification, spacing and type
  • Manufacturer’s specifications

Panel Layout

  • Panel dimensions and location
  • Header specifications
  • Window and door openings

Typical Wall Section

  • Specifications of wall construction
  • Foundation type

Miscellaneous Notes and Details

  • General notes
  • Miscellaneous framing details

Locally Stamped Drawings

Our BCIN Certified Plans are usually sufficient to obtain a building permit. However, for an additional fee we can also provide a complete set of stamped drawings if your local code requires the seal of a (local) professional. We guarantee that these locally stamped drawings we provide will pass code no matter the location. The drawing package includes site plan, floor plans, elevations, framing plans, wall sections, header load tables, manufacturers truss design packets, panel count and layout and any other drawings necessary for building your home.

You will receive Four (4) sets of Final Plans:

  • One (1) for your builder
  • Two (2) for the building department
  • One (1) for your own records

Remember: Our standard shop drawings are not full architectural drawings and do not come with a local professional seal. We have business partnerships with engineers licensed all over the country and your building department may not give you a permit without professional approval. If you need these services, inform us immediately so that we may begin processing your information. There also may be additional information that you will have to provide, such as; a site survey, soil test, and zoning ordinances. In some jurisdictions only an architects’ seal is acceptable (In this case if our architects or engineers are not registered in your area, your plans will have to be created and stamped locally at an additional fee).It is important to discuss the above with your local authorities to determine exactly what is required to be issued your building permit.If you have any questions regarding the drawings we provide, or if you would like to inquire about possible additional fees, please contact us.

BCIN Certified Plans

Sample Plans