Prefab cottages from Green-R-Panel provide an excellent alternative to traditional building methods. Green-R-Panel prefab cottage kits allow you to effectively frame your dream cottage property in as little as three days, protecting the structure from the elements. For do it yourselfers or contractors the prefab cottage building system is particularly ideal. The advantages of building with a prefab cottage kit include reduced building time, reduced building cost, and reduce headaches from the construction process. Green-R-Panel cottage kits include prebuilt floor joist, wall panel and roof truss systems.

Prefab cottage kits are shipped to clients all across North America. Green-R-Panel is an industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of prefab house kits, prefab cottage kits and prefab cabin kits and would be happy to serve you.

To see some actual customer homes built using GREEN-R-PANEL prefab housing kits, click on some of the links below. To learn how to build YOUR OWN prefab house, prefab cottage or prefab cabin with GREEN-R-PANEL system kits, call us at 1.800.871.7089 today!

Barton Minden R1P-28X45 Prefab Cottage With Porch 618
Carlton Sointula R1S-24X29 Prefab Cottage 223
Daniel Merritt R1S-36X41 Prefab Cottage 290
Furey Greenhurst R1P-32X53 Prefab Cottage With Porch 068
Gray Lanark R1P-36X49 Prefab Cottage With Porch 239
Gunter South Rive R1S-36X41 Prefab Cottage 355
Hampel Ottawa R1S-28×45 Prefab Cottage 685
Hilderbrand Westbridge R1S-28X45 Prefab Cottage 109
Kolisnyk Lac Du Bonnet R1S-28X45 Prefab Cottage 494
Miller Prince George R1S-36X41 Prefab Cottage 444
Parker Bexley R1S-36X41 Prefab Cottage 251
Sweetnam Barrierre R1S-36X41 Prefab Cottage 266
Walker Windeild R1S-28X45 Prefab Cottage 389