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Prefab Modern Housing Designs

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

In the past, the stereotype of prefab housing as largely homogenous was merited. Prefab modern housing, however, because of demand, has become a much more diverse affair. There are house designs that can suit anyone’s needs, from traditional ranch homes to very elegant, multi-story single-family homes. Any of the options, due to the efficiency of the construction process and the fact that framing can be done in incredibly short amounts of time, give this type of housing specific advantages over building to suit. The expenses associated with home building can be very much reduced.

The larger prefab modern housing designs offer options suitable for large families, or for those who simply want a bit more space out of their residence. Larger prefab houses have many of the same advantages of their smaller cousins. These homes may be large, but the prefabricated elements ensure that they’re efficient, as well. This efficiency is the result of the designs being tested for many years. The framing is constructed by master carpenters, which ensures that it’s always done correctly and that the maximum benefit is gained by the homeowner in terms of economy and efficiency.

With smaller prefab modern housing designs, the efficiency is not the only benefit. For most homeowners, building to suit is far too expensive for anything but a very modest home. With prefabricated elements, the cost is greatly reduced. This allows those who aren’t in possession of a great deal of funds to get the home they want without going far into debt. Environmentally-friendly housing is typically very expensive, but prefabricated housing also makes this an affordable goal for most any homeowner. There are numerous designs among smaller homes available, as there are for larger homes. Cabins and cottages are also available among the designs.

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Prefab House Prices vs. Build to Suit Prices

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

If you’ve ever dealt with a contractor, you know they work in estimates. These estimates, of course, almost always run over when the job is actually taken. This isn’t because of dishonesty. Most of the time, it’s impossible to budget an estimate exactly because of the many variables involved in construction. Where homes that are built to the owner’s specifications are concerned, these variables are numerous. Prefab house prices, by comparison, are much more affordable and the prices are very stable. The reasons for this start at the factory and extend all the way to the eventual erecting of the home.

Where homes that are built from original designs are concerned, the variables start with the plans themselves. Not all plans are well thought out and, in some cases, there are flaws in them that don’t become apparent until the actual construction process. When this happens, cost overruns are inevitable. Not only this, but the exact quantities of materials needed is always something of an unknown. While contractors may make solid estimates, some materials will be lost to the weather and others will simply prove to be faulty in one regard or another.

Prefab house prices are set from the start. When you deal with a contractor, you only have the estimated price of the home to work from. This means that, until the entire home is finished, you cannot be certain of the price. Because of this, building from original plans is oftentimes unworkable for those who are considering their first home. For those who want another option, going with prefabricated homes oftentimes provides a very good choice that is far more affordable than the other options on the market. This means that a custom home is a realistic and affordable option for most anyone.

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Is a Pre Fab House a Good Option?

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

A pre fab house is one of the many options available to new homeowners. Among the entire range of options are building to suit, buying a standing home and constructing your own home from scratch. The latter option, of course, is only realistic for those with high-level carpentry skills. Buying a standing home is only suitable for those who aren’t looking for new housing, of course, and there is always the gamble that problems will manifest with the home soon after the purchase that could not have been caught by an inspector or an appraiser.

A pre fab house can be bought in a much wider variety of designs than was the case even a decade ago. Because people are looking for efficient, affordable ways to get into a new house, this option is increasingly popular. That popularity translates to more designs being developed and, thus, a wider range of options for those who want something that they can call their own without reinventing the wheel at every step of the construction process. In the case of a pre fab house, the construction process is a very efficient one.

Prefabricated houses are made in workspaces that are sheltered from the elements. This means that the raw materials that make up the house aren’t subjected to the elements and that there aren’t unknown variables at play with the quality of those materials. When a house is built in this way, it also means that the structure is designed in a way that comes from years of experience and that all the parts fit together exactly as intended, every time. This reliability is one of the most compelling of a host of reasons to consider going prefabricated with a new home.

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New Homes Prefabricated to Your Specifications

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Are you in the market for a new home?  If so, then chances are good that you have been making the rounds and looking at existing homes for sale.  You might have even considered the price of custom built new homes.  Prefabricated homes may be a better choice for your needs, though.  Why is this?  How can prefabricated homes compare to site-built homes in terms of price and quality?  Actually, you might be surprised at some of the answers.

There are several ways that prefab homes outrank standard stick-built homes.  Prefabricated homes offer a much shorter construction time than a normal home.  This is because the wall sections arrive preassembled.  Preassembly means that you or your contractor can skip the time consuming process of cutting lumber and building each wall by hand.  All you have to do is move the wall into position and attach it.  Then you can move on to the next.  The work of several weeks can be accomplished in just a couple of days this way.

Why is it important that you are able to save time with these homes?  Prefabricated homes help ensure that you are able to get the roof up as soon as possible.  This keeps all of the other lumber out of the blistering sun and soaking rain, ensuring that it does not warp or shrink.  Water and sun damage can really do a number on wood, so it makes sense to get it under cover as quickly as possible.

Another reason that homes prefabricated to your specifications are a good investment is that they are made with green methods, from recycled or recyclable materials.  This helps you benefit the environment, while still getting the home that you want.  Green prefab homes are also longer lived than many stick-built homes, thanks to the greater precision with which the components are put together.

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What Kind of Prefab House Kits are Available?

Friday, May 28th, 2010

The prefab house kits on the market, not too surprisingly, constitute some of the most popular styles of houses. Even when people construct their own home from scratch, they tend to stick with certain conventions. Oftentimes, despite the much-increased cost of building from their own plans, these homeowners end up with houses that are more similar to other homes than they are different. This is because there are tried and true elements in architecture that work well and, because of that, these elements are oftentimes repeated between one home and the next.

Consider the ranch home, for instance one of the most popular prefab house kits. The ranch home is notable for its single floor design and its sensible size. This is great for people who don’t want to deal with stairways and who don’t want more house than they can realistically afford. This design is popular because of its practicality and, because of that, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel every time this house is constructed. Prefabricated designs allow the elimination of hassles that are, in truth, completely unnecessary to getting a good house up and ready for your move-in day.

Other prefab house kits include the Colonial design. These are larger homes, suitable for those with a family or who just like a bit of extra space. Even though these houses can be quite expansive, they are very affordable compared to constructing a similarly-sized structure from scratch. These kits include everything needed to erect the house and all the elements are designed to fit together flawlessly. This means that constructing even a large home is surprisingly affordable for most anyone. There are a host of other designs available, as well, and all different sizes of homes can be ordered prefabricated.

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