• Concerned about the rising cost and declining quality of lumber?
  • Are you delivering value and increased customer satisfaction?
  • Up against giant home builders with name recognition?
  • Racing the weather to get projects up and under roof?
  • Paying more and getting less from your framer?
  • Attracting premium and repeat clients?
  • Trouble keeping projects on schedule?
  • Every bid a race to the bottom?

Green-R-Panel Modular Building Envelope Packages
Offsite Manufactured Component Framing Systems

The severe shortage of skilled labor and record high levels of new housing starts has created a demand for a faster and more economical way to build. For over 20 years professional contractors and owner-builders constructing their own home have chosen to increase quality while saving time, headaches and $$$$ with Green-R-Panel’s innovative “panelized starter-kit” to dry-in a house to lock-up.

Green-R-Panel is the leader in offering independent builders and do-it-yourselfers access to the state-of-the-art industrial house production technologies tested and proven to increase quality and reduce labor costs. Our precision-built modular wall, roof and floor components utilize the same AUTOCAD design and computer automated manufacturing systems at the same factories used by the nation’s largest homebuilding companies.

Side by side independent construction industry comparison studies confirm prefabricated engineered wood component systems are the quickest and most cost-efficient solution to get a project up, under roof and out of the elements.

The structural “skeleton” of your building envelope will be designed as an integrated framing system of wall sections, roof trusses and floor joists (or open-web floor trusses), manufactured indoors under controlled conditions, and delivered to jobsite flat-packed & ready to stand for fast trouble-free weather-tight erection.

Green-R-Panel framing packages offer unlimited possibilities at affordable prices. We can produce your shell kit from our customizable standard designs, your blueprints, or our architectural designers can create plans from your concept sketch. Choose from conventional 2x4 or 2x6 wall framing, EZ SIPS R-21 or R-28 pre-insulated framing, or solid foam core laminated SIP panels, depending on your budget.

Precision engineered to fit together perfectly and locally built at our coast to coast network of production facilities for low delivery cost.

Top 4 Benefits of Starting Your Projects with Green-R-Panel


  • Precision Engineered & Manufactured
  • Advanced quality control with state of the art automated equipment
  • Factory prefabricated indoors under controlled conditions
  • Premium lumber with less warping and deflection
  • Superior dimensional accuracy - install drywall, trim, doors, windows, cabinets faster and easier
  • Tighter building envelope
  • Single source supplier for roof wall and floor systems
  • Cleaner & safer job-site
  • Enhanced customer confidence and satisfaction
  • Be a leading edge builder & Enjoy the same advantages as the big guys
  • Green / Sustainable systems available for Passive House and Net Zero projects
  • Enhanced customer confidence and satisfaction
  • Be a leading edge builder & Enjoy the same advantages as the big guys


  • Start interior & exterior finishing in a few days
  • 30 – 50% faster than on-site framing
  • Fast & EZ erection of ready-to-stand components eliminates on-site fabrication
  • Shortened project cycles
  • Complete projects on time with more predictable scheduling
  • Reduce time managing onsite labor
  • Extended schedule - Build year-round with reduced weather delays
  • One stop design, drafting, production & delivery solution


  • All-inclusive wholesale pricing vs retail lumberyards
  • Increased accuracy for labor and materials estimates
  • Decrease man-hours for each project
  • Reduced weather delays
  • Reduced job-site waste and disposal costs
  • Reduced job-site theft
  • Lower overhead with reduced labor force requirements
  • Safer job-site lowers workers compensation costs
  • Build more in less time


  • Build quality recognition as the principal high tech “systemized” builder in your market
  • National brand name association
  • Operate with professional efficiency and reliability
  • Job-sites more organized and appealing
  • Build more projects with less resources
  • Improved customer confidence and satisfaction
  • Attract premium customers


See for yourself how easy it is to build your home or commercial structure using GREEN-R-PANEL prefab kits.

Green-R-Panel delivers consistent industrial quality AND exceptional value to your jobsite:

  • Small additional cost vs. load of lumber from the retail building center
  • Save 100’s of thousands vs. modular or manufactured home
  • Onsite framing is unchanged since the 1800's. Henry Ford had a better way over 100 years ago.
  • Join the 21st Century modular building components REVOLUTION!


Each Project Package Created with AUTOCAD Technology:

  • Industry leading computer 3D engineering software
  • Wall panel, floor and roof components designed as 1 integrated system
  • Computers link drafting and manufacturing equipment
  • Guaranteed quality from superior accuracy
  • Uses 25% less wood product than on-site framing
  • Sustainable upgrades available for LEED, Netzero, Passivehaus, and green builders

Factory Manufactured:

  • Controlled indoor environment
  • Automated equipment
  • Highest caliber materials
  • Machine built precision jobsite framing cannot duplicate
  • In-plant quality control inspection program

Prebuilt Offsite Uses 60% less on-site labor:

  • All system components custom designed and built to fit together
  • Virtually eliminates jobsite fabrication
  • Learn more from the side by side construction industry comparison


  • Complete system delivered to jobsite in 1 or 2 loads
  • Flat packed lifts numbered and stacked in order of erection
  • Dry-in to lock-up in as little as 1 or 2 days
  • Stops days / weeks lost to no-show sub-contractors
  • Cuts weather delays


  • Simple to understand layout and elevation assembly drawings
  • Ready to stand
  • Perfect for do-it-yourself owner / builder
  • Professional builders can use in-house crew
  • Convenience of complete shell system
  • Eliminates having to order, keep track of, and inventory deliveries from different suppliers

Cut Your Waste & Disposal Expenses:

  • Virtually eliminate jobsite waste
  • Reduced on-site waste removal costs
  • Create 30X less jobsite waste than traditional building methods

Lower Cost:

  • Central order office
  • Bulk buying power
  • Network of local factories across the USA and Canada


Unmatched Value:

  • Factory direct wholesale pricing
  • Up-front fixed quotation helps control project costs
  • Local production for lower delivery cost
  • Plans sets can be included with architectural design and engineering for building permit application
  • Bypass the retail lumber store mark-ups

Save 1000's of $$$ on Labor Costs:

  • Reduced skill levels required
  • Cut payments to subcontractors
  • Build more projects with less crew
  • Lower overhead

Save Time / Build Faster:

  • Proven system used by large builders for decades
  • Start interior & exterior finishing in days
  • Shortened building schedule = reduced financing costs
  • Quickly under roof and weather tight prevents wind damage, moisture exposure, mold and mildew
  • Pass the framing inspection quicker
  • Move up the date for the next financing draw down

Increased Quality and Precision:

  • Tighter building envelope = increased energy-efficiency
  • Premium lumber and materials
  • Quality Assurance = Confidence
  • Flexible design options
  • Green / Sustainable optional upgrades available

Peace of Mind:

  • Single source system responsibility
  • Brand name reliability
  • Be one step ahead of the competition with state-of-the-art technology
  • Reduce shrinkage and theft because large components are difficult to remove from the jobsite and would be difficult to use on another project
  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduce your stress and be more productive

Partner with Green-R-Panel – The leader in bringing manufactured quality to site built construction

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