PWF Foundations

Green-R-Panel PWF (Pressure Treated Wood Foundations) can speed up your build while providing a high level of insulation value to your project. Learn more about some of the unique benefits below.

•Precision Engineered & Manufactured 4 foot wide Pressure Treated Wood Panels
•Basement and Crawl-Space Heights Available
•R-32 Pre-Insulated with solid EPS foam
•Framed with 2×8 PWF Studs at 12” or 16” on center
•Bonded to ½” or 5/8” PWF Plywood
•Replaces Concrete Foundation Walls
•Eliminates the Need for Insulated Furring Walls
•Simple Installation using Basic Carpentry Skills
•Can Be Installed In As Little As 1 Day
•Interior Ready for Drywall